My Story

My Scentsy journey began in February 2012.  A few months earlier, my husband and I decided that I would leave my banking career after 10 years and stay home with our two children.  I loved staying home with my precious babies but I craved something more! Soon after leaving the bank, I attended a Scentsy party with a friend.  We had a BLAST!!  During the party, I began thinking, "I can do this!"  So my friend and I decided to co-host a party of our own to earn FREE and 1/2 price items.  During the few weeks leading up to our party, I couldn't get Scentsy off my mind.  I woke up in the morning and went to bed at night thinking about warmers and wax!  We had our party and again had a blast.  We both earned TONS of products for FREE and 1/2 price!  A few weeks later, I told my husband, "I think I want to do this Scentsy thing."  He said, "If it's only $99 to join, then go for it!"  So I did and I have been blessed beyond measure!  I have been able to contribute to our household income and afford us the luxuries that we had been doing without as a single-income family.  I have been able to travel to many places that I would have never been able to afford before.  I have made lifelong friendships and have met some amazing people throughout my journey.  But the most rewarding part has been the blessings that I have been able to bring to, not only my family, but to the lives of others and their families.  I would not have been able to do all these things had I not taken a chance on myself. Ready for Scentsy to bless your life?  Click on the following link to begin your Scentsy journey. <!--endbody-->